A Time Travel Dialogue, by John W. Carroll

I am delighted to let you know about our latest book, A Time Travel Dialogue by John W. Carroll. The book, which is available to read for free on our website, explores the possibilities of time travel, probing an experimentally supported hypothesis of backwards time travel through a fascinating and approachable dialogue format. I believe that this book would be of particular interest to members of the Philosophy of Time Society, and so I hope you might be able to let them know about it via your mailing list or website. Please find some more details about the book below:

A Time Travel Dialogue, by John W. Carroll.

A Time Travel Dialogue addresses the possibility of time travel, approaching familiar paradoxes in a rigorous, engaging and fun manner. It follows in the long philosophical tradition of using dialogue to present philosophical ideas and arguments, but is ground breaking in its use of the dialogue format to introduce readers to the metaphysics of time travel, and is also distinctive in its use of lab results to drive philosophical analysis. The discussion of data that might decide whether time is one-dimensional or multi-dimensional is especially novel.

Ultimately advancing the case for time travel really being possible, A Time Travel Dialogue is set in the Jefferson National Laboratory during a period of five days in 2010. Dr Rufus’s experimental search for the psi-lepton and the resulting intractable data spurs the discussion of time travel. She and her two colleagues are pushed by their observations to address the grandfather paradox and other puzzles about backwards causation, with attention also given to causal loops, multi-dimensional time, and the prospect that only the present exists.

A Time Travel Dialogue was published on 25 August 2014 and can be read for free online at http://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/256 where it is also available in inexpensive e-book, paperback and hardback editions.

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