Upcoming Meetings

The Philosophy of Time Society is happy to announce the following upcoming meetings:

Philosophy of Time Society at the Central APA

Chicago, Illinois, USA
February 21-24, 2018

Philosophy of Time Society group session
Friday evening, 7-10PM

Chair: Maria Balcells (Bucknell University)

“Presentism and Fragmentalist Perdurantism”
Samuele Iaquinto (University of Milan)

“End-Focused Holism and Temporal Neutrality”
Caleb Cohoe (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

“Heidegger’s Contribution to the Philosophy of Time”
Andrew Haas (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

Philosophy of Time Society at the Pacific APA

San Diego, CA, USA
March 28 – April 1, 2018.

Philosophy of Time Society group session

Chair: Maria Balcells (Bucknell University)


“The Coat Problem. Counterfactuals, Truth-makers, and Temporal Specification”
Francesco Gallina and Giuseppe Spolaore (University of Padua, Italy)

“Quantum Mechanics, Time and Ontology”
Valia Allori (Northern Illinois University, IL)

“Modeling Motion Perception in light of Neuropathology”
Adam Bowen (Ball State University, IN)

The Philosophy of Time Society will also be participating in the following:

5th Annual IAPT Conference

Yonsei University, Seoul/Incheon, South Korea
June 18-20, 2018

The International Association for Philosophy of Time (IAPT) is pleased to announce its 5th annual conference, to be held in Seoul, South Korea, from 18–20 June 2018 (arrival Sunday June 17th, departure Thursday June 21st).

Confirmed speakers: S. Savitt (British Columbia), O. Pooley (Oxford), C. Callender (San Diego), G. Torrengo (Milan) (Commentator: D. Braddon-Mitchell (Sydney)), K. Miller (Sydney), U. Meyer (Colgate), A. Frischhut (Akita), K. Miyazono (Hiroshima), J. Tallant (Nottingham), S. Rosenkranz (Barcelona)

Registration is now open; please register on iapt5seoul.weebly.com by March 1st, 2018. The registration fee, covering all conference meals (lunches, coffee breaks, dinners) is 120,000 KRW (110 USD). Conference funding permitting, graduate students and non-tenure-track, contingent, or retired faculty will be eligible to have their registration fee waived.

More information on the conference venue, recommended accommodation and planned sightseeing breaks, will appear on the website in due course.

If you’d like to give a talk, please send an abstract of 150-200 words (paper reading time no more than 20 minutes) to Natalja Deng (nmdeng@gmail.comby Jan 26th, 2018. Submissions on any topic in the philosophy of time are welcome. Only one abstract per person is permitted. Please include name, institutional affiliation, and preferred email address on the abstract, and indicate if you are eligible for a fee waiver, as described above.

Please note that a handful of travel bursaries of up to $800 have become available and will be awarded to some of the graduate students or non-tenure track faculty whose abstracts are accepted. Please state on your abstract if you wish to be considered for this, and whether you have any institutional funding available.

Feel free to contact nmdeng@gmail.com with any questions.

The meeting is being sponsored by Yonsei University, and the organisers are grateful for this support.

Organising Committee: N. Deng (Yonsei), A. Bardon (Wake Forest), C. Callender (San Diego), G. Torrengo (Milan), K. Miller (Sydney), U. Meyer (Colgate), G. A. Forbes (Kent)

Past meetings:

Philosophy of Time Society at the Eastern APA

Savannah, Georgia USA
Jan. 3-6, 2018

Philosophy of Time Society Group Session
Wednesday evening, 6:30-9:30PM

Chair: Sayid Bnefsi (Northern Illinois University)

“The Perceived Unity of Time and Temporal Feature Placing”
Gerardo Viera (University of Antwerp)

Viera – Temp Feature Placing and the Perceived Unity of Time (PTS – EAPA 2018)

“Three Varieties of Growing Block Theory”
Katarina Perovic (The University of Iowa)

“Future Bias and Presentism”
Sayid Bnefsi (Northern Illinois University)

Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association

Seattle, Washington USA
April 12-15, 2017

Philosophy of Time Society Group Session

(Adrian Bardon, Chair)

“Why be a temporal ersatzer?”
Nina Emery (Brown University)

“The sense of time”
Craig Callender and Ann Thresher (UC San Diego)

“The moving spotlight”
Giuseppe Spolaore (University of Padua) and Giuliano Torrengo (University of Milan)

Central Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association

Kansas City, Missouri USA
March 1-4, 2017

Philosophy of Time Society Group Session
(Sayid Bnefsi, Chair)

“Do ontologies of time have rational significance? Yes.”
Sayid Bnefsi (Northern Illinois University)

“How to understand presentism”
Travis Matthew Figg (Wayne State University)

“Persistence on the edge”
Nicholas Rimell (University of Virginia)

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